Piercing & Healing Information

Healing chart
4 Weeks Tongue
4-8 Weeks Septum
6-8 Weeks Eyebrow
8 Weeks Earlobe
8-12 Weeks Monroe
12- 16 Weeks Nostril
Male nipple
12-36 Weeks Cartilage
16- 24 Weeks Bindi
24-36 Weeks Navel
Female nipple

All piercings are subject to environmental factors. The length of time a piercing takes to heal depends on the individual’s health, hygiene and overall execution of the care procedures outlined in this pamphlet.

For any exterior piercing a soak should be performed with a saline solution for 5-10 minutes, 2-3 times a day, for the duration of the healing time outlined in the healing chart.

Saline Solution recipe
~ 1/4 teaspoon
(Fine-grain) (non-iodized)
Sea Salt
~ 8 oz. warm water
(Do not alter the Saline recipe’s proportion unless directed)Avoid using anything with a strong dye or perfume at or around the site of the piercing during the healing process.

Do not twist, spin or touch the piercing jewelry or site at any time with the exception of during or immediately after cleaning it. Don’t change the initial jewelry unless the piercing is fully healed. A Fully-healed piercing will not pus, bleed, or crust. It will not resist any effort to move the jewelry and will spin freely when dry without any tug or pull to the skin.For tongue piercing rinse with a non-alcoholic mouthwash 2-3 times a day and after any oral activity such as eating, drinking, or smoking. When the piercing is fully healed the jewelry should be changed to a smaller barbell.

Possible problems
Keloids- An excess of scar tissue, are common among cartilage piercing. A keloid can appear around or at the piercing site and will look like a small bump of tissue, a keloid is not the same as a pustule and can be suppressed with a wet warm compress.

Migration- Though not common can occur and is most often seen in surface piercings. Migration can be recognized when the piercing moves beneath the skin and heals in a different place than it was initially pierced in.

Rejection- Not to be confused with migration is when the piercing expels itself from the body. The skin between both ends of the piercing become thinner until the jewelry finally expels completely from the body. If you notice this behavior occurring remove the piercing immediately or return to Tattoos by RC and we will remove it for you the piercing can later be re-pierced.