What to Look for in a Sanitary Shop Environment

The current popularity of tattooing and body piercing has also brought on an increase in potentially hazardous conditions. RAB regulars have begun posting information on unsanitary practices. For this reason, I am posting the following guideline of what to look out for (in this situation, “artist” refers to both tattooists and piercers): Lighting: The area Read more about What to Look for in a Sanitary Shop Environment[…]

Can I get a disease from the needles?

There has been some concern recently regarding transmittable diseases (particularly Hepatitis-B and AIDS [HIV]) and tattoo shops. Just as in a dentist’s office, as long as the area is strictly sanitized, your chances for infection will be greatly reduced. Note: If you plan on getting lots of bodyart (pierces or tattoos), you should seriously consider Read more about Can I get a disease from the needles?[…]

Why remove or lighten a tattoo?

Tattoos have become a great avenue for self-expression.  However, what seems  like a good idea at the time often turns to regret when a tattoo no longer has  meaning or just does not look good anymore.  There are different ways to fade  and hopefully remove the unwanted tattoo from the body. But the most effective Read more about Why remove or lighten a tattoo?[…]

Piercing & Healing Information

Healing chart 4 Weeks Tongue 4-8 Weeks Septum VCH 6-8 Weeks Eyebrow Labret Dahlia Lip 8 Weeks Earlobe 8-12 Weeks Monroe 12- 16 Weeks Nostril Male nipple Anti-eyebrow 12-36 Weeks Cartilage Tragus Anti-tragus Conch Daith Rook Snug 16- 24 Weeks Bindi Bridge 24-36 Weeks Navel Female nipple Surface All piercings are subject to environmental factors. Read more about Piercing & Healing Information[…]